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I came across the 3 Week Diet program while conducting my research about the most popular weight-loss diet programs in the USA. My entire research took into consideration the scientific formula that each of these diets used, and the propensity of positive results. Moreover, it must be said, the 3 Week Diet program delivered way better than expected on each of these counts. Here is my detailed analysis of this pretty amazing diet program.

About 3 Week Diet Program

It is a science-based diet system that helps you lose weight in just 21 days flat! However, that is not all. The 3 Week Diet program goes a step further than every other diet program in vogue, by ensuring that the weight that you lose in these three weeks is gone forever. The best thing about this diet program though is that you can melt every inch of that stubborn fat, without having to give up any of your favorite foods!

About the Creator

The 3 Week Diet Program has been created by acclaimed nutritionist, personal trainer and author Brian Flatt. With his innovative weight loss program, Brian has already helped thousands of people all over the world achieve their weight loss goals – faster than any other diet program.

What is included in the 3 Week Diet Program?

The 3 Week Diet program consists of 4 extremely well written and accurately illustrated manuals, that aim to take care of not only your physical self but also go a long way in inducing a healthy mindset about your body.

i) The Introduction Manual – Contrary to what you might think, Brian’s Introduction Manual reads like a research paper explaining the correct logic and science, that has gone in creating this revolutionary diet program.

It describes what “exactly” needs to be done to get rid of the excess weight and even the stubborn body fat, that has accumulated over the years.

Furthermore, specific supplements are prescribed in the manual, along with the exact science behind using them in your diet. Using them your body will be able to lose fat and increase its rate of metabolism in record time!

3 Week Diet Plan Free

ii) The Diet Manual – This is where it gets dire. Unlike other favored diets that have a fixed routine and diet for every individual to follow, the 3 Week Diet program choose the smart way. Using your lean body mass vs. fat percentage, the 3WD program calculates a highly focused and rapid weight loss plan to suit your body needs.

It gives you an exact data about what you should eat, how much you should eat and when you should eat. In addition to what foods you must eat or avoid, the Diet Manual also contains a super simple plan to ensure that the weight lost stays off FOREVER.

iii) The Workout Manual – Follow this if you are not just looking for losing those extra pounds, but also to achieve a well-toned body and robust six-pack abs. Along with the 3 Week Diet manual, the Workout Manual contains every step that you require for an accelerated body fat loss.

It talks about an exercise routine that requires just 20 minutes a day and needs to be done 3-4 days in a week. There is a complimentary workout plan included in this manual – the Midsection Miracle Workout, for those who want a firm set of six-pack abs. To be honest, this guide alone is worth the entire price of the whole program (a very affordable $47)!

iv) The Mindset & Motivation Manual – One of the most important (and somewhat puzzlingly, most neglected) aspects of any weight loss diet is the person’s ability to stay focused during the entire course of the program.

The 3 Week Diet plan’s creator Brian was smart enough to recognize the value of this fact, and as a result, there is a unique (and essential) Mindset & Motivation Manual included in the 3WD package too.

The 3 Week Diet System Review

This manual contains a ton of immensely practical and effective mindset and motivational tips, tricks, tools, and secrets, to ensure that you stay faithful to the diet (and yourself) during these three weeks.

How Does the 3 Week Diet Program Work?

i) By helping you lose fat – The 3 Week Diet plan targets the stubborn fat that gets accumulated in the body over the years and melts it away within a short period. This is achieved by getting you on a well planned out diet, and by using medically approved supplements to lose body fat and increasing the metabolism rate so that you become more healthy and energetic in no time.

ii) By using a custom diet – The 3 Week Diet plan recognizes that dietary requirements vary across individuals and body types. Therefore, it suggests a scientifically prepared weight loss plan for every person, based on their lean body mass v/s body fat percentage. Along with a carefully chosen diet, you also learn how to keep off that excess weight from coming back and so; you stay fit forever!

iii) By using a quality workout routine – The 3 Week Diet plan helps you get rid of the body fat altogether, by suggesting full body exercises that are short, but quite intense. Doing these workout routines, you make your body that much more metabolically active. This means that by doing these 20 minutes-a day exercises, you can burn a higher amount of fat (and so, weight) than by spending hours at a costly gym.

iv) By helping you focus on your goals – Losing weight requires high involvement from the individual, and as such, most people tend to lose focus mid-way during a diet program. The 3 Week Diet plan attempts to avoid this plausibility by introducing a very effective Mindset and Motivation manual, to ensure that you stick to your diet plan religiously.

3 week diet results

Who Should Try the 3 Week Diet Program?

– Those who want to get rid of years of stubborn fat accumulated in their body.
– Those who wish to register a rapid weight loss.
– Those who do not have the time or the money to join a gym for losing weight.
– Those looking to gain a well-toned body, along with six-pack abs.
– Those who are worried about their diet.
– Those who suffer from low energy levels.
– Those who want to lower their cholesterol levels.
– Women who want to shed post-pregnancy weight.



<li>Rapid weight loss in 21 days</li>
<li>Absolute riddance from stubborn fat</li>
<li>Healthier, more energetic body</li>
<li>Extremely affordable (at just $47, it is way less than regular gym or fitness trainer charges)</li>
<li>Excellent value for money</li>
<li>Solid money-back guarantee</li>



<li>Results ultimately rest with the individual’s capacity and ability to carry out the instructions prescribed in the plan</li>
<li>You might have to forgo some of those greasy junk foods that you like</li>

Does the 3 Week Diet Program Work?

Absolutely. Take our word for that. Based on our findings and the various testimonials that we came across during the research, the 3 Week Diet Program happens to be one of the most capable diet programs out there right now. There are no extreme measures involved here, only a very immaculate, science-backed logical formula at work. Moreover, it is very effective indeed!


The 3 Week Diet plan is no doubt one of the better weight loss plans that we have come across in recent years. It is a “doctor-trusted” and 100% “science-backed” diet plan, that is bound to produce surprising results if followed correctly.

The inventor of this diet plan, Brian’s confidence in his creation can be gauged from the fact that he promises a full refund within the first 60 days if a person is not satisfied with the results. Well, nothing to lose then, except those unwanted pounds and stubborn fat right? I think so too!

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