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There is a misconception that you cannot treat panic attacks. It is possible if it is treated it at an early stage. In comes the 60 Second Panic Solution. Panic attacks is an irritating health issue and the ones who face this condition experience much discomfort and feel phobia of many things.

If you come to know a sign of this problem, you will see that there is an increased heartbeat. Another sign refers that you can have a problem while breathing and face fainting when walking.

What is 60 Second Panic Solution?

Created by Anna Gibson Steel, the 60-second panic solution is an exclusively assembled program that seeks to help you exterminate your panic attacks without prescription drugs.

Many people associate panic attacks with heart problems (which is not true) and to make it even worse there is this misconception that the attacks are untreatable. What follows is a series of detrimental complexities such as anxiety, depression, and distress. How incredible then would it be to know that there is a program that can help you deal with panic attacks at a cost that is almost next to nothing?

The following 60-second panic solution review reveals what the program can do for you and why it is the ultimate solution to your persistent, seemingly constant panic attack. Also, it might catch your attention to know that 60-second panic solution has helped hundreds of people with the same problem as well.

Anna Gibson Steel

Who is Anna Gibson Steel?

Steel is a holistic healthcare expert whose journey to find a lasting solution to her chronic pain began in the early 90’s, two years after she got involved in a car accident.

Having found a solution to her health issues, she felt the urge to share her experiences with others who may be going through the same problem in a bid to improve their overall well-being.

She now specializes in panic and anxiety attacks as well as depression programs. Since its launch, the 60-second panic solution has been distributed in 40 countries.

What Does this Program Entail?

The 60-second panic solution gives you instant online access to a straightforward, easy to understand step-by-step guide on how to deal with panic attacks. In the program, Steel reveals to you her powerful secrets, techniques and unique treatment methods that will help stop panic or anxiety attacks in 60 seconds.

These are the same techniques that Steel used to get rid of her panic attacks and the same she has used to help hundreds become panic-attack-free in 21 days only.

The program showcases a detailed 3-step panic attack solution that will help you achieve the following:

Learn how to detect the early signs of an imminent panic attack to help you nip the attack in the bud before it takes the best of you. Steel discloses that the first symptoms of a panic attack may differ from one person to the other. Thus, it is imperative that you know how to pinpoint your unique warning signs.
Learn how to perfect the 60-second panic solution technique so you can control and stop the attacks in less than one minute
Find out how to overcome the fear, anxiety, depression, depersonalization that comes with panic attacks
Learn how to derive the most out of Steel’s “Thought Patrol” to get rid of fear and anxiety for good in 21 days
Learn the basics of getting relief from panic attacks and why you most probably hadn’t discovered them before.

In simple terms, 60-second panic solution seeks to address the cause of your panics attack, thereby making it a lot easier to manage before it happens and to ultimately put you in charge over the attack.

60 Second Panic Solution Review

How Does the Program Work?

The 60-second panic solution is based on the neuro-activation therapy, a technique that you can you can use to deactivate the spiral feeling in the head whenever you have a panic attack. The treatment teaches you how to create a connection between your body and mind.

While the neuro-activation therapy is not a new concept, Steel delves deeper into it, and the best of all she puts it into practice. She teaches you how to use the therapy to deactivate parts of your brain that you do not need at particular times.

She brings to the fore specific scenarios and how to use your fingers and mind to visualize them. Learning how to envision the situations helps to deactivate the parts of the brain that are affected by anxiety and panic attacks.

Multiple techniques are dependant on the level of anxiety and attacks. Perfecting the neuro-activation therapy helps trigger tranquility and calmness to allow you get into a relaxation mode in under a minute.

What sets 60-second panic solution apart from other panic similar programs is the comprehensive research she has done on the therapy and the swift approach she uses to trigger immediate results.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for this Program?

The 60-second panic solution is meant for anyone who has been looking for a practical panic attack solution that will help them deal with the problem once and for all. It is for those who are subjected to stressful conditions consistently and are seeking ways to help get over the situation without having a visit to the doctor.

The beauty of it is that you do not have to have a medical background to understand what’s being taught by the program. The 60-second panic solution is designed to work for children as young as five years old.


<li>Intensive research on neuro-activation therapy</li>
<li>Easy to understand step by step format</li>
<li>The guide works without medication. It is safe with no side effects</li>
<li>The guide’s concept has been tried and tested not to mention that scientific evidence backs it</li>
<li>Steel has applied the solutions provided in the program, making it even more practical</li>
<li>Highly affordable with 60-day money back guarantee</li>

60 Second Panic Solution PDF


<li>People who do not like following instructions might have a problem going through the 60-second panic solution. Nevertheless, the program is arranged in a captivating format, and anyone who is seeking to address their panic attacks once and for all won’t have a problem reading and implementing its recommendations.</li>

Does the Program Work?

Neuro-activation therapy, the theme under which the 60-second panic solution revolves has been used for thousands of years to ease the intensity of a myriad of health problems.

Steel has incorporated the latest scientific research into the program and fine-tuned it to be precisely in line with panic attacks. Besides, she used the therapy herself with immense success.

Additionally, there are numerous, first-hand testimonials of people who suffered from consistent anxiety and panic but having applied the teaching of the 60-second panic solution, turned their lives around. Due to its ease of application, the 60-second panic solution can indeed work for anyone who applies its teachings to the tee.


In a world where it is almost impossible to find solutions that work, Anna has done a remarkable job in piecing together the 60-second panic solution. Regarded as one of the most efficient panic attack solutions this program is without a doubt in a class of its own.

You do not have to spend your money on expensive therapy sessions with possible harmful side effects while you can eradicate your attacks without medications and most importantly anywhere, at any time.

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