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Reiki has long been held as a “complex” and somewhat “extraordinary” method of healing or achieving spiritual and physical wellness. However, this is not how it is nature was initially intended to be.

In fact, the initiators of this technique crafted it to be a pure and gentle art of healing, that was easy to learn and could be used to spread health and well-being throughout the world!

So what happened? Why has Reiki become such a complicated and somewhat “exclusive” (not to mention expensive) form of healing, that is accessible and limited to only a few?

Owen Coleman had the same questions like us, but he did not stop merely at contemplation. Instead, he went ahead and developed a unique system that made Reiki easy-to-use again, at a very affordable price! He calls it the “Pure Reiki Healing Mastery” system. The USP? Reiki learned and mastered in 48 hours flat.

Is that even possible? Moreover, yet if it is, does it stay as effective (if not more) than the other forms of Reiki being practiced all over the world? Here are some of our findings from an in-depth research on the “Pure Reiki Healing Mastery” system, to answer these questions.

What is Pure Reiki Healing Mastery?

Before we answer this question, it is essential that you must be made aware of the “real” definition of Reiki. Too many people mistake Reiki for being something special or even supernatural, when in fact, Reiki is merely a natural state that can be attained by attuning the life force that exists all around us.

Once you have adjusted your body to Reiki, you can harness the energy that flows through and around us, and channel it to heal yourself and others as well. “Pure Reiki Healing Mastery” is a return to basics, to the way Reiki was initially intended to be – simple, fast and utterly transformational.

It is a unique system that imparts the original teachings of Reiki master and inventor Mikao Usui, and helps you learn the art in 48 hours! Using this innovative approach, you can use Reiki to heal yourself and others; and at the same time release stress and attain self-confidence, self-esteem and a more significant amount of self-control.

Pure Reiki Healing

Who created the “Pure Reiki Healing Mastery” system?

It has been invented (or more aptly, reinvented) by Owen Coleman, who happens to be a construction worker by profession. He was first enchanted by the fantastic results of Reiki when an old man helped him get rid of an excruciating lower back pain through Reiki.

Owen developed this version of the ancient art of Reiki after he found out that even after spending three years (and lots of money) and attaining levels after levels of supposed “mastery,” he was unable to master Reiki.

What is included in the “Pure Reiki Healing Mastery” system?

Upon subscribing to this Pure Reiki Healing Mastery system, you learn the basics and then, master the complete art of Reiki within 48 hours. The entire system is contained in the form of Pure Reiki Healing Mastery Manuals, Reiki Healing Meditations, and Reiki Music Collection.

1) Pure Reiki Healing Mastery Manuals – These are a complete step-by-step guide to becoming a Reiki Master. The steps are well stated and are concise, that helps the learners quickly grasp the nuances. Using these defined steps, you get to learn about the specific lessons of Reiki, and how to get results by practicing it more efficiently and effectively.

2) Reiki Healing Meditations – Based on Owen’s research and interviews with other students of Reiki, the Reiki Healing Meditations have been developed to help increase the connection with the life forces “in between” Reiki sessions.

This module consists of five downloadable audio files, which assist the Reiki practitioners in listening to and drifting into a deep meditation to continue healing between sessions. By doing so, the healing process becomes speedier and that much more efficient.

3) Reiki Music Collection – This module helps in creating the perfect ambiance and vibrational energy while taking or conducting the Reiki sessions. A relevant and supportive atmosphere is key to a successful Reiki healing, as it creates the right kind of vibrational harmonies to calm down the body, and attain faster results. Through the Reiki Music Collection, you get instant access to specially recorded and professionally produced tracks that enhance the effects of Reiki.

Pure Reiki Healing Mastery ebook

How Does the Pure Reiki Healing Mastery System Work?

The entire system is based entirely on the original teachings of Reiki founder, Mikao Usui, and contains the secrets that made it such a powerful healing method in the first place. Pure Reiki Healing Mastery works by:

– Helping you “realize the true nature of the life force” energy present all around us. Once you know what it is and what it is not, you can see it on you and others, and harness it to everyone’s benefit.

– “dissolving energy blocks,” that is the cause of all illnesses and emotional distress. Once a part of the body is subject to trauma or injury, a block develops over that part that obstructs the energy flow through it.

Due to this “energy block,” the life force, as well as essential nutrients, get blocked as well. So, the affected part of the body does not heal with time. Reiki, somewhat “magically” dissolves these blocks and gets the impaired part of the body, back in shape and functioning.

– “restoring the abundant life force energy” to a particular area of the body. Once the connection of the physical self (the body) is restored with the ever flowing life force (energy), the body begins to heal or return to its normal condition.

Who Should Try the Pure Reiki Healing Mastery?

Ideally, the program is suited for those people who want to “master” Reiki and are seeking to uncover their ability to:

– heal themselves and others suffering from chronic pain, persistent physical or mental distress;

– treat patients who have recently undergone a major surgical procedure, and are seeking a non-intrusive method to aid the healing process;

– create mind-body balance at will;

– release stress and, regain self-esteem and self-confidence;

– improve the degree of self-control;

– apply “Group Reiki” to heal others or themselves, using the collective energy of a group;

– cure people over a distance (Remote Reiki);

– apply “Rapid Reiki,” i.e., deliver a complete Reiki treatment at a fraction of the usual time taken.

Pure Reiki Healing Master



<li>Potent method of healing</li>
<li>Helps alleviate stress levels and tiredness, (thus, making it ideal even for pregnant women)- Helps regain self-esteem, self-control, and self-confidence</li>
<li>After gaining mastery, you can continue to heal/empower others</li>
<li>Practice at home</li>
<li>Excellent value for money</li>
<li>Only 48-hours long skill course</li>
<li>60 day 100% money-back guarantee</li>



<li>Healing Crisis (a condition experienced by some people when the human body begins to cleanse the toxins as a result of the increased vibrational energy and might cause a headache, a stomach ache or slight weakness. Although this is a good sign indicating the cleansing of the body, if this happens, you should take some rest, drink lots of water and eat light.)</li>
<li>Depends upon the amount of practice and concentration you can put in attaining mastery</li>

Does Pure Reiki Healing work?

It is a very valuable and powerful method of healing human body both spiritually and physically. In fact, it can prove to be a bit too overpowering for some (as mention earlier in the “Cons” section).

The unique thing about Owen Coleman’s Pure Reiki Healing Mastery system is that you get to learn the original teachings of Mikao Usui, in a very, very short time! It has already helped a lot of Reiki enthusiasts all over the world; you can read their testimonies and find more about its impact on the website: http://purereikihealing.com/.


Pure Reiki Healing Mastery system, is a brave attempt by Owen Coleman to renounce the slightly lost and almost ruined form of Reiki currently being practiced everywhere. He has tried to revive the original Reiki in the style that is in line with its inventor’s perception and ideology.

So, fortunately, his system has proven to be a success. We say “fortunately,” because if not for his attempts, this ancient art of Reiki might have been lost forever, amidst all the distortions it has had to undergo by profit makers and the so-called (fake) Reiki Masters!

Also, the entire package is made doubly attractive, given its very affordable price and 100% money-back guarantee. Folks, there is nothing to lose here, and you stand to gain a real natural ability to become a Reiki Master. Why wait?

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